Fuel Water Innovation!

The Challenge: How to overcome the financial bottleneck at the beginning of the water innovation value chain?

For internationally active water & sanitation organizations, air travel is often unavoidable.Current CO2levels are already impacting the climate and our work is becoming increasingly challenging in the face of heatwaves, floods, droughts, and other extreme weather events. But most of the established emission payment mechanisms prioritize projects that prevent climate change over equally important climate adaption initiatives. In this environment, innovators who want to disrupt unsustainable practices in the water sector typically struggle to finance the development of their ideas and many opportunities to increase the world’s climate resilience are therefore lost.Here, at the bottleneck of the water innovation value chain,the smallest contributions can have the biggest impacts on the world’s preparedness for climate change.

The Solution: “Fuel Water Innovation!” Initiative

Instead of compensating the CO2emissions of air travel with a one-off payment, we propose that international water and sanitation organizations join the “Fuel Water Innovation!” Initiative. It is an opportunity for your organization to take responsibility for its greenhouse gas emissions by supporting water and sanitation start-ups that will create the climate resilient societies of the future. The initiative allows you to position yourself as climate-responsible water organisation while aligning your emission payments with the overall mission of your organization. We believe that helping to scale new sustainable WASH business models creates the maximum impact per USD in the long run.


The Pilot 2019 / 2020

For the pilot phase, 10’000 USDhave already been pledged to support several water and sanitation start-ups solving the water crisis in the middle east. Please let us know if you’re interested in piloting the initiative together with us!


Contact: Simon Joncourt