Willisauer Bote

The 2014 cewas start-up programme and its brand new partner programme Our Common Food was the title story of the Willisauer Bote edition on November 21st 2014.

See frontside article here (DE).

Read piece on the 2014 cewas road show and an interview with the founder of the partnering programme Our Common Food (Markus Hurschler) here (DE).


Article on the contribution of start-up incubator cewas on sustainable regional development (September 2014, in German)

Willisauer Bote II

Throughout the last years, a close and fruitful collaboration with Rotary International, spearheaded by André Marti of Rotary Willisau, has been an integral part of bringing the cewas start-up programme to Lebanon (29 December 2018, in German).

Surseer Woche

Advertorial of the business concention “Mega trend Water: Opportunities for the local economy” – co-organised by cewas (13 November 2014, in German).

Floods and Dry Periods

In May 2017 cewas members took part in the discussion “Wassermühlengespräch” in Alberswil, Switzerland. Johannes Heeb alerts to the fact that Switzerland will have to deal with extremely dry periods in summer and heavy rainfalls due to climate change. Read the full article published in Willisauer Bote (23 May 2017, in German).