We are a Swiss non-profit association specialised in improving business practices in water and sanitation through training and awareness-raising so as to increase the sector’s integrity and sustainability.

We work with a wide range of partners across the fields of water, sanitation and entrepreneurship and are backed by a think tank of renowned experts and specialists.



At cewas, we build and strengthen the capacities needed to develop and implement sustainable solutions for the water and sanitation sector. We see challenges as opportunities and believe that in every unsustainable practice such as water pollution, overexploitation or corruption, lies a possibility to take action



We are a team of practitioners dedicated to linking business practices with sustainability in the water sector. We make things happen!

Michael Kropac

Co-Director | Tel. +41 78 872 67 44

Michael studied geography, business management and social and environmental sciences. After founding the NGO “Ecosan Services Foundation” with local partners in Pune, India, he joined seecon international and is today senior partner and is its CFO. Michael has more than 10 years of experience as a consultant in developing innovation projects in the international water sector and beyond. Michael  facilitates and leads the cewas start-up programme and is the head coach.

Dr. Johannes Heeb

Co-Director  |  Tel. +41 79 366 68 50

Dr. phil. II in Geography, Johannes Heeb has over 25 years of professional experience in sustainable sanitation and water management, regional development and ecological engineering. In his positions as chairman of the executive board of seecon international, associate director of regiosuisse, co-founder of the International Ecological Engineering Society (IEES) and as a lecturer at the University of Basel and Lucerne, he is a leader in combining business competence with sustainable water, sanitation and resource management. Drawing from his long experience, Johannes links cewas with an international, high-level network of experts and partners and is strongly involved in the coaching activities of the cewas start-up programme.


Tandiwe Erlmann

Project Manager, Trainer and Manager of the Start-up Programme | Tel. +41 76 528 68 70

Tandiwe holds a Master of Arts and Science (MA/MSc) in Sustainable Development and a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in International Management. Tandiwe has established competencies in eco-innovation and social entrepreneurship, business development and management, impact modelling, integrity management and sustainability assessment. She brings this expertise and experiences from long-term stays in Southern Africa, North & Latin America and Central Asia to the interdisciplinary and international projects of cewas. She is responsible for managing the Start-up Programme and supports various water sector organisations in implementing integrity management strategies.

Martin Wafler

Project Manager and Trainer | Tel. +43 664 4508 313

Martin Wafler holds a MSc in Land and Water Management and Engineering. He is an expert in mainstreaming ecologically sound and socially acceptable water and wastewater concepts. His experience includes the conceptualisation and implementation of sustainable wastewater management and reuse concepts in India, the development of training materials, and the preparation, facilitation, delivery and follow-up of participatory training courses and workshops in Africa, South Asia and South East Asia. He works as trainer and facilitator during the cewas start-up programme (lectures on sustainable sanitation and water management) and supervises case study projects.

Leonellha Baretto Dillon

Project Manager and Trainer | Tel. +41 79 511 02 54

Leonellha Barreto Dillon graduated as a Chemical Engineer in Caracas, Venezuela. After pursuing a Master in Environmental Engineering at the Hamburg University of Technology, she gathered further knowledge and experience when she worked as Project Developer and Project Manager at the TTZ Bremerhaven, where she was responsible for the European Commission’s Funding Programmes. After pursuing her MBA, she is now responsible for training and coaching in the field of entrepreneurship and business strategy development at cewas.

Aline Bussmann

Project Manager | Tel. +962 7908 01872


Aline studied Geography, Political Science and Integrated Water Resources Management. She has worked as a project coordinator in the MENA region and Eastern Africa on different projects in the field of IWRM, transboundary water management, agricultural development and higher education in natural resources management. She has several years of experience as a freelancer, conducting seminars, trainings on water and food security as well as business development and producing educational documentary films on water and energy resources management in the Middle East and Africa.



Lillian Volat

Project Leader cewas Middle East | Tel. +970 598 358 637

Lillian studied International Relations and Environmental Politics at the University of Lingnan in Hong Kong. She has worked as a WASH project officer for various NGO’s in the Middle East focusing on sustainable sanitation and agriculture development. She is responsible for the start-up programme cewas middle east.

Janek Hermann-Friede

Project Manager and Trainer | Tel. +49 163 8776 308

Janek is an environmental engineer with a post-graduate degree in international development cooperation. He has more than 10 years of work experience in water governance, private sector engagement and sustainable water management practices. Janek has worked on numerous projects in Latin America, Southern Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. He develops, trains and facilitates bottom-up solutions for key management, integrity and governance challenges in the water sector.

Dr. Carmen Fernandez Fernandez

Project Manager and Trainer | Tel. +49 157 5831 1224

PhD. in Life Science, MSc in Biology. Carmen is specialized in designing and implementing participatory approaches to enhance capacity development, strategy development and empowerment of local institutions in international environmental projects. At cewas, she participates in the development and implementation of training approaches related to strategy development and integrity management.

Hannah Wuzel

Project Manager - Lebanon | Tel. +961 71 858 049

Hannah holds a MSc degree in Global Politics from London School of Economics and Political Science and a BA in International Liberal Studies with a focus on International Relations and Political Science from Waseda University, Japan. In addition to several years of experience working in sustainable innovation and social entrepreneurship with a focus on capacity building for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, Hannah has expertise in communications, advocacy and business development. She currently manages cewas Middle East’s activities in Lebanon.

Ruweida Aljabali

Regional Programme Officer | Tel. +49 152090 76900

Ruweida has studied Architecture and Built Environment in Jordan and Technology and Resources Management with a focus on urban and regional management in Germany.  Throughout her study years, Ruweida participated in different environmental design and management classes and initiatives, which helped build an environmental advocate character. Ruweida is keen to help promote innovation in the environmental sector in Jordan and the region. At cewas Middle East, she shares the responsibility for the coordination of entrepreneurial activities in Jordan and Palestine. She provides coaching and communication assistance to the start-ups as well as administrative and reporting support to the team, conducts research for project planning purposes and manages the regional marketing activities.

Owice Hammad

Country Programme Officer - Jordan | Tel. +962 789 359 559

Owice holds a bachelor degree in Civil Engineering and a master’s degree in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). He has working experience in civil engineering, project management, and logistic support in various spheres. He also did research assisting in different projects ranging from sludge management to feminism. Owice is the founder of Turjumaa: a company that provides water and sanitation translation services. Alongside that, he supports cewas Middle East with its projects in Jordan specifically and in the region generally.

Nashwan Dhahir

Eco-Innovation and Capacity Development Manager- Iraq | Tel. +964 750 198 4114

Nashwan is a water resources and institutional reform and development professional. His experience lies in co-designing, planning and implementing WASH projects in developing countries, especially in conflicts affected areas. He also took a main role in reform processes in public water and sanitation sector with a focus on Iraqi context. He is responsible for developing and running cewas Middle East programs, strategic partnership development and further building the community of environmental innovators in Iraq.

Nashwan holds a BSc. degree in Water Resources Engineering from University of Kurdistan Hawler. He speaks Kurdish, English, Arabic and Turkmani.


Thomas Zeller


Thomas is co-chair of the Swiss Water Partnership. He is a former senior water policy advisor of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and has 20 years of experience in development cooperation in the water sector in Africa and Latin America, with a strong focus on irrigation and integrated water resources management. Thomas is president of cewas since June 2015.

Roland Schertenleib

Honorary President

Roland works as a water and sanitation consultant and is a former member of the directory board of EAWAG. He is honorary president of cewas and dedicates himself to supporting and initiating progress in water and sanitation management.

Sebastian Bellwald

Vice- president and member of the board

Sebastian is managing director of
PLANVAL AG and regiosuisse, the national platform of the New Regional Policy (NRP) in Switzerland. His special focus lies on impact-oriented regional development, knowledge management and project development.

Patrik Affentranger

Member of the Board

Patrik is owner and board member of PLANING AG and managing director of IPSO ECO AG. He is specialised in environmental impact studies as well as in projects relating to mobility concepts, gravel mining and disposal site planning.