We bring together a diverse community of water and sanitation entrepreneurs with different backgrounds, knowledge and areas of expertise. The ongoing interaction between participants and our wider networks adds significant value to the business development process throughout the programme and beyond!


Sanergy focuses on tackling the urban sanitation crisis in Nairobi. The company builds a network of high-quality low-cost sanitation facilities, called Fresh Life Toilets; safely collects the waste from these toilets, treats it and converts it into valuable end-products, such as organic fertilizer. Sanergy’s approach gives access to safe sanitation to inhabitants of informal settlements in Kenya.


This association, based in Haiti, designs, tests, and implements social business models to increase access to cost-effective full-cycle household sanitation services in urban communities. The EkoLakay toilet by SOIL collects waste and transforms it into compost. More than 1000 households in Cap-Haitien and Port-au-Prince make use of the SOIL sanitation service for USD 3.5 per month.

Wasser für Wasser

WASSER FÜR WASSER (WfW) is a young non-profit organization with the aim of raising awareness of the privileged water situation in Switzerland while simultaneously integrating donation for water projects into everyday life. Thanks to partnerships with restaurants and companies aswell as other campaigns, WfW promotes innovative solutions drinking tap water. While all donations generated in restaurants go 100% to the projects in Zambia and Moçambique, „WfW in the office“-companies decide whether their engagement should focus on projects in Switzerland or sub-Saharan Africa.



Refiller is an NGO dedicated to promoting the use of refilling systems with the goal to reduce waste and its environmental impact. Their special focus is on the establishment of refilling systems for beverage containers through the Refiller Community. Reduce, Reuse, Refill!




Blue Springs Cameroon

Blue Springs Cameroon is a franchised business model that provides clean and affordable water to rural communities and fosters watershed protection and afforestation with an entrepreneurial approach. The environment and water bodies are protected, women empowered, people’s health improved and the service offers job opportunities within the area. We work with local municipalities and traditional authorities to construct water kiosks in Cameroon.

Blue Springs Cameroon was part of the Young Water Solutions Fellowship in 2018.

Viva con Agua

Viva con Agua Nepal is an association that aims at raising awareness on clean water and sanitation among urban youths. The association organizes the first Festival “Art Creates Water” in Kathmandu bringing together local & international artists to sensitize urban young people on sanitation, water, and hygiene.




iCade is a platform for the integration of communities and former militants to water, sanitation, and solid waste projects in Latin America. It develops a hands-on experience for the co-creation of low-cost technologies and supports the development of business opportunities in Colombia.

iCade was part of the Junior ReSource Fellowship in 2017.


Benaa is a not-for-profit organization that aims at building up the youth capacities, in order to build up sustainable development projects, and create an interactive enabling environment in the MENA region.


WASAZA Training Division

WASAZA offers business-oriented trainings for the water & sanitation sector in Zambia. It contributes towards access to modern, affordable and appropriate water and sanitation processes and technologies.



Swiss Toilet Organisation

The Swiss Toilet Organisation(STO) is an NGO dedicated to improving the sanitation culture in Switzerland. The STO advocates for a more extended use of sustainable sanitation technologies, for a comprehensive network of public toilets, and for a larger involvement of the society in efforts towards solving the global sanitation crisis.


iWASH Africa

iWASH Africa is a young Ghanaian social enterprise that is solving lack of clean water and sanitation challenges in rural communities by building an integrated self-sustaining water and sanitation solution through the construction of  low-cost, environmentally-friendly micro-flush toilets and solar powered water provision systems, using an entrepreneurial approach.

iWASH Africa was part of the Young Water Solutions Fellowship in 2018.


Co-Cycle is an NGO that supports sustainability and social projects in Bulgaria. By means of collaboration with institutions, other non-governmental organizations, and the industry, Co-Cycle establishes bridges and interconnects the educational system, society, and the business world.



Molly Danielsson and Matthew Lippincott are promoting sustainable sanitation solutions and advocacy to legalise decentralised sanitation. With creativity and attention to detail they continously launch new projects in the sustainable sanitation sector in Portland, Oregon (USA).


recode_logo aims at reducing the amount of food waste generated in the food chain. The organisation works towards engaging public bodies, industries and households to reduce their share of food waste in order to contribute to a more sustainable food system.



Environmental Opportunities Africa

EOA engages the African diaspora in facilitating relevant technology transfer in the field of sustainable economic and environmental development for Africa.


DiPure is an Indian firm focused on developing affordable and eco-friendly water purifiers, known as DipBags, that will revolutionize water treatment in rural areas.

DipBag is a user-friendly, efficient, portable and nutritious purification system that can treat microbiological contamination from any water source.

DiPure was part of the Young Water Solutions Fellowship 2019.

BetterLife Sanitation Solutions

BetterLife is a social enterprise which aims to take the burden of sanitation and hygiene off the shoulders of Nigerian citizens via the construction of Hygiene Hubs at strategic locations in urban slums. Hygiene Hubs are a fusion of dignified public sanitation facility and health booth.

BetterLife was part of the Young Water Solutions Fellowship 2019.


Neera designs environmentally-sustainable, community-scale biochar drinking water filters for urban slums and rural villages in India. They train women to operate and maintain these water kiosks and dispense clean drinking water at nominal prices to their communities.

Neera was part of the Junior ReSource Fellowship in 2018.

Maji Mamas

Maji Mamas is a social enterprise led by Maasai women that make ISSBs (Interlocking Stabilised Soil Blocks) to build rainwater harvesting tanks and pit latrines for Eremit community members in Kenya.

Maji Mamas was part of the Young Water Solutions Fellowship in 2018.

Safe Drinking Water For All - SDW

SDW is a socio-environmental startup that develops life-changing water solutions. Among them is Aqualuz, a UN-recognized device that uses solar radiation to purify water contaminated by microorganisms from rural areas. The technology costs less than € 100, has enough productivity for one family per day and about 15 years of durability without requiring external operation and maintenance.

SDW was part of the Young Water Solutions Fellowship in 2018.


Cassa provides sustainable social housing with clean water, clean energy and sanitation in rural and urban areas of Guatemala. The organization helps its customers acquire vital services, save money, and protect the environment, specifically Guatemala’s forests and water bodies.

Clearwater Farms

This social entrepreneurial initiative brings a new type of food production to Zambia. The aquaponic system combines horticulture with fish production and reaches an increase in water and nutrient efficiency. The system creates employment opportunities for local farmers and improves the produce supply in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Jal Company specializes in water harvesting in Nepal. Its principal resource is rain water. The company works with local partners facilitating the delivery of sustainable and safe drinking water at all times, especially for communities that are not yet connected to the municipal water supply network.



GreenPads addresses the problem of inaccessible sanitary products in rural Nigeria. GreenPads aims to produce eco-friendly sanitary pads made from local materials with the main raw material being plantain and banana stems.



Organo Mush

Produces and supplies fresh locally grown organic mushrooms for gourmet cuisine and health enthusiasts.


The “MoSan” sanitation system provides dignity, safety and hygiene in densely populated settlements, as slums or refugee camps in developing countries. Urine and feces are collected, treated and recycled to create reuse products, like fuels and fertilizer. The environment and water bodies are protected, people’s health improves and the service offers job opportunities within the area. The system and hardware was designed in co-creation with slum dwellers.

Arena Recycling

At Arena Recycling we engage people in the collection of plastic waste from different areas of the city and beaches, to make Eco-bricks for construction. Our solution not only contributes to plastic-free beaches and waterways, but also helps bridge the water and sanitation gap by constructing water tanks and latrines with our Eco-bricks.

Arena Recycling was part of the Young Water Solutions Fellowship 2019.

ECO Uga Pads

ECO Uga Pads are reusable, eco-friendly and affordable sanitary pads made out ofbanana stems that are usually let to rot. ECO UgaPads addresses the lack of safe menstrual hygiene among women in rural areas of Uganda who cannot afford commercial sanitary pads.

ECO Uga Pads was part of the Young Water Solutions Fellowship 2019.


CrustaTec is a Guatemalan company that produces a biopolymer made of shrimp shell waste, discarded by the industry, which can be used to remove textile dyes from wastewater. The chitosan biopolymer contained in the crustacean`s shell is an ideal absorbent and floculant for the dyes as it is non-toxic, biodegradable and also allows to recover the dyes for reuse. Since it is low-cost, it can be used by both large and small textile industries.

CrustaTec was part of the Young Water Solutions Fellowship in 2018.

Viridi Aquaponics Farm

Viridi Environmental Solutions seeks to find sustainable solutions within the water, food and energy nexus. The Viridi Aquaponics Farm bridges the gap between efficient water use and food security amidst climate change challenges brought about by rainfall based agriculture in Lesotho. This is done by implementing a system that uses waste from the fish as nutrient source for the plants.

Viridi Environmental Solutions was part of the Junior ReSource Fellowship in 2018.



CPlantae Saneamiento de Agua is a Mexican engineering firm specialized in nature-based solutions for wastewater management and aquatic bodies restoration.

We harness the power of plants and earthworms to improve lives.

CPlantae was part of the Young Water Solutions Fellowship in 2018.

Pump for Life

In 2009 about 50% of the tanzanian water pumps were broken and abandoned. Pump for Life (MSABI) provides a subsciption based system of maintenance services for water points in rural areas of Tanzania to increase coverage and sustainability of water infrastructure in the region.


Vetiver TT Ecological Engineering Solutions Ltd.

The Vetiver System is a soft engineering approach to a wide range of soil and water related challenges in tropical climates. The deep, strong, and fibrous root system of vetiver plants can, if implemented correctly, serve as a valuable bioengineering tool for slope stabilization, erosion control, soil and water conservation, and also for cleaning of contaminated lands and water through phytoremediation.


ECyTech developed an analytical instrument for the measurement industry. The device detects the presence of different compounds in applications including water analysis, food control, clinical screening, and the analysis of counterfeit drugs. The instrument is portable, easy to use and affordable.

Water School Uganda

Henry Ouma from Water School Uganda developed GDM Water Kiosks to treat up to 6000 liter of water from Lake Victoria per day in order to provide access to clean water for rural communities in Uganda.



Portable toilets must not look bad and smell like chemicals. Kompotoi provides the opportunity to turn the need into an adventure by renting out their composting toilets.


logo kompotoi


The innovative food company
– Brings  insect based delicacies on to the Swiss food market.


Phoster is driven by the concept of nutrient recovery and reuse, and particularly the potential of closing the phosphorus cycle. Phoster seeks to improve water quality by using low-impact, scientifically-sound, sustainable, and economically self-supporting solutions. They work with local partners to develop solutions for nutrient flow management and treatment technologies that not only remove excess nutrients, but are already integrated into the reuse supply chain.



At NALAN we are working towards empowerment of rural women and WASH related problems in the state of Tamil Nadu, India.

We work with a franchise system, based around a BioSan filter. BioSan is a simple nature-based water filter that can be produced locally anywhere in the world. We provide technical training to rural women to produce and sell the filters. Through this initiative we are converting unemployed rural women into micro entrepreneurs.

NALAN was part of the Young Water Solutions Fellowship 2019.

Baño Grato by Tierra Grata

Baño Grato is a women-led decentralized sanitation and hygiene solution for rural communities that includes a waterless toilet, shower and handwashing facility.

Providing dignity and safe space for rural communities.

Tierra Grata was part of the Young Water Solutions Fellowship 2019.


AiKite is a company based in Indonesia aiming to solve water issues in tin mining communities in Bangka, Indonesia. We produced BankSand, an innovative water filter made from local sand. Our mission is to turn mining wastewater into clean water for people.

AiKite was part of the Young Water Solutions Fellowship in 2018.



AbwasserX is a sustainable consulting and engineering firm based in India. AbwasserX is extensively working in the area of water and wastewater treatment solutions. It offers client based solutions for circular economy and sustainability. AbwasserX is an expert in design, installation and Operation & Maintenance of water and wastewater systems.

AbwasserX was part of the Junior ReSource Fellowship in 2018.

Majik Water

Majik Water uses novel, locally-adapted technology to harvest clean drinking water from the atmosphere and deliver it to people in our world’s driest places, starting in Kenya. Our technology uses solar thermal energy and sponge-like desiccant materials making it possible to get water in a low cost, energy efficient way. Desiccants are materials that adsorb water molecules from air, and release that water when heated. The desiccant we use is Silica Gel which is safe, non-toxic and abundantly available.

Majik Water was part of the Young Water Solutions Fellowship in 2018.


This company has developed a highly accurate weather forecast model for farmers in West Africa. The organization has been operating mainly in Ghana sending out daily, monthly, and seasonal forecasts to help small-scale farmers in West Africa predict water availability, manage their daily activities, optimize food production, and improve yields.


SPOUTS of Water

SPOUTS manufactures and distributes an affordable ceramic water filter, called the Purifaaya, which is made with local materials found in Uganda. The filter is easy to use and eliminates 99,9% of the bacteria.



Organic for life is a producer and supplier of compost fertilizer in Hanoi. Their mission is to satisfy the needs of garden owners for compost fertilizers and encourage to organic farming in Vietnam.

Organic for life was part of the Junior ReSource Fellowship in 2017.



FoodFlow addresses food waste in the Czech Republic. FoodFlow connects regional farmers through digital solutions and thereby reduces the distance between producer and buyer.

The L.A.K.E.S Institute

The L.A.K.E.S institute generates solutions for the restoration of lake ecosystems based on scientific data obtained from lake sediments.  Using state-of the art technology and assessment tools, LAKES is able to provide a comprehensive description to both the private and public sector of how a lake’s ecosystem has changed over time.  With this data, the potential reasons for the change can be identified and appropriate restoration actions taken.


Eco-Solution Forge

“The Ecosolution Forge” is a sustainable consulting and ecological engineering agency based near Mukachevo, Ukraine. It is aimed at bringing worlds best sustainable approaches to the Carpathian region through practical design and construction of sustainable ecosystems as well assisting green business development.


Eco-Solutions Forge_transparent

Urban Green

Urban Green works in the mining and collecting of plastics and other resources from solid waste in Zambia.

VIQUA Water Care Solutions

VIQUA is a social business based in the Philippines, a country with over 2,000 inhabited islands prone to natural disasters. VIQUA develops Compact Mobile Hybrid Water Treatment Systems for both emergency settings (incl. desalination technology) and fresh water supply for remote areas.

VIQUA was part of the Young Water Solutions Fellowship 2019.

Sani-Loan Initiative

The Sani-Loan Initiative is a new financial mechanism to provide simple, locally adapted sanitation solutions to rural communities of Tanzania.

Through Sani-Loan Initiative we design  and construct affordable and quality sanitation facilities. These improved sanitation facilities comes with  an accessible loan latrine scheme package with low interest rate that are to be paid back for two years time frame.

The Sani-Loan Initiative was part of the Young Water Solutions Fellowship in 2018.

Bio-Split United

Bio-Split is a Swiss consulting company specialized in motivating households to engage in biowaste separation in favor of sanitation, value generation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Bio-Split United wants to raise awareness of the household biomass as a good source of biogas.


Free Flow Consulting

Free Flow Consulting specializes in supporting governments improve their sanitation conditions through positive regulation change. With over 10 years of experience in the onsite wastewater sector in Western Canada, Free Flow Consulting is an expert in designs, education and training, installations, and operation and maintenance of wastewater and sanitation systems.

Concept WaSH

Concept WaSH from Harare, Zimbabwe, works on capacity building and knowledge transfer in the WASH sector in Zimbabwe. Bringing global expertise in cost-effectiveness of water and sanitation projects to peri-urban and rural areas of Southern Africa.


ClimateRe offers Weather Index Insurances for small-scale farmer in developing countries.


SR3 INVENT is a company of Ecuadorian and Swiss partners located in Quito, Ecuador dedicated to the development of sustainable projects and businesses. The company ensures the corporate social benefit of their customers by strengthening their business by working with their stakeholders. The main working areas are sustainable water sanitation, environmental management and sustainability, environmental marketing and institutional strengthening. Within the business lines SR3 INVENT establishes the RRR Project “BOMBASOIL, pellets made of chicken manure enriched with nutrients with the goal to mitigate the water pollution caused by agriculture.

Mobile Alert Toilets

MAT is a social business that improves overflowing pit latrines in the urban slums of Kenya by retrofitting them with containers and sensors.

MAT provides convenient and hygienic removal of faecal sludge from the slums as well as dignity and safe working conditions to sanitation workers.

MAT was part of the Young Water Solutions Fellowship 2019.



iFarmkonnect is an AgriTechplatform which connects local farmers with smart water harvesting and saving technologies and investors in Kenya.

Through a web platform water technology providers and investors are connected with local farmers. Local farmers can make inquiries and get information on smart water management technologies through mobile messages or an app in their local language.

iFarmkonnect was part of the Young Water Solutions Fellowship 2019.


Aqualit is based in Mexico tackles technical and logistical challenges in controlling wastewater parameters by providing a real-time monitoring system. The main objectives are to raise awareness of the importance of wastewater treatment and to develop a reliable database of public information on water management.

Aqualit was part of the Junior ReSource Fellowship in 2017.

Aquasis Solutions

Aquasis Solutions offers water footprint and life-cycle assessments to analyse the environmental performance of products and services with a special focus on food industry. Further, Aquasis provides solutions to reduce environmental impacts and assists in green certification processes.



Seda Consult

Seda Consult offers consulting services focussing on water efficiency, sustainability and integrity in textile industry supply chains.


Di’Tek is an integrated solution for water resources management. It uses technology to help rural water suppliers (ASADAs) in Costa Rica improve their water disinfection systems and water management practices. Di’Tek provides a tailored automated water testing system.

Di’Tek was part of the Young Water Solutions Fellowship 2019.


WaterFarm finances rainwater harvesting systems for poor farming households in  rural communities of Uganda to enable them have an access to safe water for domestic use and farming purposes especially during the dry season. We invest in giving a chance of owning a rainwater harvesting system to poor households generally unable to access traditional credit providers, including most micro-finance institutions—often due to a lack of existing collateral.

WaterFarm was part of the Junior ReSource Fellowship in 2018.

F3 Life

F3 Life provides agricultural loans to small holder farmers in Kenya. The company incorporates requirements in the loan terms and a credit-scoring system for soil and water conservation which improve watershed services.

CSC Water

CSC Water’s mission is to build the capacity of professionals and decision makers to promote the sustainable development of water and sanitation services, focusing on unserviced small-and-medium-sized communities in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia.



Sustainable Sports

sustainable///sports is the first sustainability consulting firm that entirely focuses on the sports sector. The team evaluates the ecological and social potential of sport clubs, golf clubs, skiing resorts and sport complexes.


sustainable sports_transparent

Caribbean Waters

Caribbean Waters, based on the island of Guadeloupe, is a knowledge hub for sustainable sanitation and water management in the Caribbean region. Focusing on capacity development activities, awareness raising and providing solutions for closing the water and nutrient loop, Caribbean Waters brings international expertise on water and sanitation to the Caribbean.


International consulting company based in Portugal, specialized in management, operation and safety of water systems.  Acquawise draws from its rich experience in engineering, operational management and regulatory knowledge to provide customised water solutions to private and public water suppliers. Acquawise offers solutions in the form of innovative projects that integrate global and local best practices and facilitates the delivery of sustainable and safe water at all times.

Aquawise Consulting