Integrity Training and Tools

We develop tailor-made trainings and tools for organisations, companies and individuals of the water sector and beyond that help them to improve their level of transparency, accountability and participation.

Our products do not only allow our customers to work more ethically sound and to comply with the legal framework but also to achieve more efficiency, reduced transfer costs and improve their reputation!

This is what some of our training participants had to say about our tools and methods!

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Integrity Management Toolbox

Our trainings are based on the Integrity Management Toolbox, a concept co-developed by cewas and Water Integrity Network. Visit the online Toolbox on

Over 40 risk cards, stating organisational integrity risks and linking them to possible integrity instruments.

More than 70 instrument cards, stating possible management tools geared to respond to integrity risks.

Detailed descriptions of all the integrity risks and instruments as well as hands-down guidance for workshop facilitators.

All the facilitator's material required to carry out an integrity management workshop.

Integrity Management Toolbox – for Bangladeshi water utilities

The Integrity Management (IM) Toolbox for Water Utilities provides a systemic bottom-up approach for increasing the utilities’ economic efficiency by enhancing their level of integrity. Instead of a moralizing approach, the Integrity Management Toolbox initiates an Integrity Change Process that supports the management and Board of Directors of utilities in improving their business model and thereby their performance. The IM Toolbox is embedded in an initial 2-3 day IM workshop, in which a participatory corruption risk analysis is conducted and appropriate integrity tools are selected to tackle those risks. Subsequently, the implementation of these tools within the utilities is initiated and planned.

  • Piloting institution: Khulna Water and Sewerage Authority (KWASA)
  • Duration: 2015 – 2016
  • Partners: Bangladesh Water Integrity, Network BAWIN
  • Contracting authority: Water Integrity Network WIN
Download: IM Toolbox Bangladeshi WASA - Integrity Risks Download: IM Toolbox Bangladeshi WASA - Integrity Tools

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Integrity Management Toolbox for Kenyan Water Service Providers

In collaboration with Water Integrity Network WIN and with the support of GIZ and BMZ, cewas developed the Integrity Management Toolbox for Kenyan Water Service Providers, which was implemented in 8 public utilites across the country. The pilot project yielded proven outcomes of enhanced transparency, accountability and participation within the implementing institutions and informed the inclusion of a paragraph on integrity in the annual benchmarking of the national regulator.

  • Piloting institutions:
  • Eight Water Utilities across Kenya, including Mombasa Water and Sanitation Company
  • Duration: ongoing since 2013
  • Partners: WIN, KeWi, WASPA, WASREB
  • Contracting authority: GIZ and BMZ
Download the key documents here

Integrity Management Toolbox for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME) of the Zambian Water Sector

Based on the experiences made in Kenya, the Integrity Management Toolbox was adapted to the context of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Zambia. Five local Integrity Management Coaches were trained to carry out integrity management trainings and to coach the more than 20 participating the implementation process.

  • Piloting SMEs: Ascent Services Ltd., MECB Consuliting, Toilet Yanga, The Commuter, Zoom Lion, Azurite Water Resources Ltd., Kutuwano Sewerage Waste Management and 14 others
  • Duration: Ongoing since 2014
  • Partners: WASAZA
  • Contracting authority: Water Integrity Network WIN

Integrity Management Toolbox for Indonesian Water Service Providers

To build on the success of the African experience the Toolbox was transferred to the Asian context in a pilot project in Indonesia. Translated to Bahasa Indonesia and adapted to the local regulatory framework, the toolbox was implemented in the municipal water service provider of Malang, East Java in November 2014. Ten trained Integrity Management Coaches will introduce the toolbox in more utilities over the coming month. 

  • Piloting institution: Municipal water service provider of Malang, East Java (PDAM Malang)
  • Duration: ongoing since 2014
  • Partner: PATTIRO
  • Contracting authority: Water Integrity Network WIN

ICQ Project Management Approach

Many infrastructure projects are non-functional after just a few month or years. This can often be linked to issues of Integrity, Quality and Compliance (IQC).

The IQC Project Management Approach is a framework to identify and address risks relating to these three dimension in the planning and implementation of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) projects of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). The approach is structured around the seven stages of the project cycle and supports project planning and implementation with guiding questions, practical tools (such as checklists and guidelines), as well as a range of exercises that foster reflection on current project practices.

While the concept has been developed for Kenyan WASH CSOs, different types of water sector organizations can benefit from the approach to reduce IQC risks and to thereby improve the sustainability of their projects. It can be applied both as a voluntary process and upon recommendation by a local regulator or sector association.

KEWASNET, the Kenya Water and Sanitation Civil Society Network, launched its third annual Civil Society Organization (CSO) performance report on March 20th 2017. CSO_report_Kenya_2017

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