Green Pads – Winner of the first cewas Start-up Competition

Lawrence Afere from Nigeria is the winner of the first cewas Start-up Competition. His business idea “Green Pads” convinced both the jury and the audience. As a banana farmer Lawrence was looking for opportunities to use the banana leaves and stems. He came up with the idea of producing pulp and thereof sanitary pads for the Nigerian market. It’s a win win win solution. It financially supports banana farmers, increases resource efficiency, and improves the hygiene situation of women in Nigeria. The lack of affordable sanitary pads in Nigeria currently leads to stigmatization of menstruating women. Usually, girls would not go to school when menstruating. Some girls even drop out of the school system due to poor attendance. So, the jury saw a great potential for “Green Pads” to improve the situation of low income women and girls in Nigeria. “Green Pads” received a scholarship to participate in the upcoming Start-up program plus CHF 5000.- to launch the business.