Swiss Federal Councillor Didier Burkhalter honours the work of cewas

In the annual conference of the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit on March 18th 2016 in Winterthur, Switzerland, the Swiss Federal Councillor Didier Burkhalter, Head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, especially mentioned the cewas Middle East programme as a innovative and exemplary initiative to mitigate the water and  humanitarian crisis in the region. As Mr. Burkhalter explained, the cewas training programme fosters entrepreneurial solutions for local water problems, offering also possibilities for employment for the popublation affected by the crisis.

The Middle East, especially the neighbouring countries of war-struck Syria, has recently come into focus of cewas, the world’s first start-up incubator focused on water and sanitation issues. Besides the devastating civil war, the region is also the most water scarce region of the world in dire need of new, sustainable solutions to manage dwindling resources under difficult conditions. In the coming years, cewas will run a large training and start-up support programme for the water and sanitations sector in Lebanon, Jordan, Kurdistan Iraq and Palestine to offer innovative solutions and employment opportunities in the region.

cewas is currently preparing for its 6th start-up programme commencing in August 2016 in Willisau, Switzerland to support young, innovative graduates with fresh start-up ideas for the water sector. Besides its programme in Switzerland, cewas has also been active in supporting water start-ups across the world, namely in India, Southern Africa and South America.